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PBNISMTP is a control for sending email via SMTP authored by Bruce Armstrong with a few small changes by myself.

PBNISMTP Download Page


PBUpdater is a tool for enabling PowerBuilder applications to automatically updates themselves over the Internet. It includes an administration program to package and upload the application files. It also includes a sample app with code that you need to copy into your application. This tool is written in PowerBuilder 10.

Download PBUpdater

Virtual Library

Virtual Library is an IDE Wizard that allows you to group objects into "virtual libraries". You can open the objects from the wizard, perform source control actions and many other functions. The install includes files for versions 8 and higher. The files are installed to the ..\Shared\PowerBuilder folder. This is why there are two installers.

Download VirtualLibrary for PB8 - PB12.6     Download VirtualLibrary for PB2017


PBHtml is a control that allows you to create the user interface for your application using HTML, CSS, and image files just like a web application giving you complete control over the look. It is a wrapper for Sciter, a free HTML control. The Sciter SDK contains many examples that you can use as a guide. There is documentation on their website which is also part of the SDK install.

Download PBHtml      Download Sciter SDK


PBDotWeb is an ISAPI Extension that allows you to run PowerBuilder code within IIS or Apache for Windows. It is designed to allow for building web pages in code that is similar to ASP Classic. It can also be used to run background queries using the AJAX coding style. The sample application is PowerBuilder 10 and can easily migrate to newer versions.

Download PBDotWeb

PBNI Nonvisual

PBNI Nonvisual is an example showing how to create a PBNI nonvisual control. It includes a Readme file with detailed instructions and example code files that you copy from once the project is created. The instructions were developed in Visual Studio 2015 but should work in earlier versions.

Download PBNI Nonvisual

Chat App

Chat App is a program which will allow for encrypted peer to peer text messaging. The app is currently being developed and may or may not work. It has automatic self updating so you will always have the latest version.

Download Chat App