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Is ORCA the latest attraction at Seaworld? No, actually it's the Object Repository CASE API which Powersoft first introduced with PowerBuilder version 4. It allows you to perform all the utility functions found in the library painter such as importing objects from source, creating new libraries, and even creating executables or deploying to EAServer.

PBOrcapi is an interface between PowerScript and ORCA which allows for the average PowerBuilder programmer to be able to easily create their own ORCA enabled applications. Because many of the ORCA functions use callbacks which aren't supported by PowerBuilder, the interface between PowerScript and ORCA must be written in C. PBOrcapi supports PowerBuilder version 6 and above as well as PocketBuilder.

PBOrcapi eliminates the need for you to write C code, you can use what you know best, PowerBuilder! PBOrcapi also includes an HTML help file and sample code to get you going. Below is a summary of the available ORCA functions:

Session Management:

ConfigSession Sets various ORCA session options
SessionOpen Opens an ORCA session and returns the session handle
SessionClose Closes an ORCA session
SessionSetLibraryList Specifies the libraries for the session
SessionSetCurrentAppl Specifies the Application object for the session
SessionGetError Provides information about an error

Library Management:

LibraryCommentModify Modify the comments for a library
LibraryCommentRetrieve Get the comments for a library
LibraryCreate Create a new library file
LibraryDelete Delete a library file
LibraryDirectory Get directory listing of a library file
LibraryEntryCopy Copy an object from one library to another
LibraryEntryDelete Delete an object from a library
LibraryEntryExport Get the source code for an object
LibraryEntryInformation Get details about an object
LibraryEntryMove Move an object from one library to another
LibraryOptimize Optimizes a library


ApplicationRebuild Compiles all the objects in all the libraries associated with an application
CompileEntryImport Imports an object and compiles it
CompileEntryImportList Imports a list of objects and compiles them
CompileEntryRegenerate Compiles an object

Object Query Functions:

ObjectQueryHierarchy Gets a list of an objects ancestors
ObjectQueryReference Gets a list of the objects an object refers to

Creating Executables:

BuildProject Deploys EAServer components by running a project
BuildProjectEx Deploys EAServer components with server/port overrides
ExecutableCreate Creates an executable using the current library list and Application object
DynamicLibraryCreate Creates a PowerBuilder dynamic library from a PBL
SetExeInfo Sets version information to be used when creating executable

Source Control Functions (PB6/PB7 only):

CheckInEntry Checks an object into a library
CheckOutEntry Checks an object out of a library
ListCheckOutEntries Reports objects that are registered or checked out

Source Control Functions (PB9 & higher):

SccClose Closes the active SCC project.
SccConnect Initializes source control and opens a project.
SccConnectOffline Opens a source-controlled project for refreshing and rebuilding offline.
SccExcludeLibraryList Names the libraries that should not be synchronized in the next refresh.
SccGetConnectProperties Returns the SCC connection properties associated with a workspace.
SccGetLatestVersion Retrieves the latest version of files from the SCC provider.
SccRefreshTarget Calls SccGetLatestVersion to refresh the source for all the objects.
SccResetRevisionNumber Call this function to reset the revision number for an object.
SccSetTarget Retrieves the target file and sets the ORCA session library list.