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PBSearch is the fastest and easiest object searcher for PowerBuilder or InfoMaker. Initial searches will be about 25% faster and most additional searches will take under 5 seconds. It also has features you won't find anywhere else (including PB itself). PBSearch supports PowerBuilder and InfoMaker versions 4 thru 2022.

Global Search and Replace

Replace strings throughout your application easily and quickly. You can actually see what the code will look like before you change it! It can automatically make backup copies of your libraries. If your Workspace is source controlled, it will automatically checkout the objects before changing them.

Find an object

Have you ever worked on an application with thousands of objects and 50 or more libraries? Have you ever forgotten which library the object you want to edit is in? Quickly find the correct library.

Stored Procedure Search

Many applications make extensive use of stored procedures and triggers. Have you ever had to find out which procedures use a particular table or column? Here is the only utility that will find it. Works with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE and SQL Anywhere.

Direct Object Editing

PBSearch allows you to edit objects directly, similar to the Edit Source editor built into PowerBuilder since version 8.

PBR File Generator

This feature searches for references to image files and unreferenced datawindows. It then will take the results of the search and create the .pbr files. This turns a manual, error prone process into a quick and easy one.

Unused Object Report

After an application has been around awhile you tend to get a number of objects that are no longer used. This report will quickly and accurately tell you which objects are not used anymore.