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WizSource is the ultimate Source Control provider for the PowerBuilder developer. It is the first Source Control provider that is specifically designed to work with PowerBuilder and to be written in PowerBuilder as well. WizSource supports the SCC API, so it can be used with any IDE that supports the SCC API including PowerBuilder .Net and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Many Source Control providers require a dedicated server machine or are file system based. Many of them require someone to spend a lot of time performing administration tasks or correcting corruption issues. WizSource has none of these problems because the repository is the database server you already have. Because WizSource is a database application, it is very fast and robust whether you have one user or one hundred. The Admin program includes several reports and because the repository is a database, you can easily create your own reports.

To set up the repository, all you have to do is create a database on your existing database server and run the included table create script. Supported database servers are SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP ASE, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Microsoft SQL Azure cloud database, MySQL, Firebird, Oracle, and Oracle Express. WizSource performance is very fast for in-house database servers but performance over the Internet is dependant on your connection speed and the speed of the database server.

WizSource is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. While working in your development IDE you will rarely have to interact with WizSource directly. The most commonly used WizSource window will be the History window. Besides being able to view the complete history of a file, you can compare any two versions and pull any prior version back into the IDE. Below is the 'Get Version' tab of the History window. The Get button will extract the selected version and your development IDE will import it into your application. If you select two versions, you can click the Compare button and it will extract both versions and run an external compare program against them.

This is the File Explorer tabpage of the Admin program.

This is the WizSource IDE program. It allows you to source control any type of file including images, documentation and any other important files like .pbr (PowerBuilder Resource).